the power to assimilate and conquer the world wide web

Alexia BASIC is a revolutionary programming language that was conjured into reality to give you the power to build simple yet incredibly powerful "spells" that can do practically anything a human can do on the Internet. The highly sophisticated technology that powers the Alexia BASIC programming language makes it the natural choice for anyone interested in exploring the world of computer programming.

Here's what your license gives you full access to:

- Alexia BASIC v1 programming language terminal emulator ($49.99 value)
- Unlimited high priority e-mail support for 90 days ($174.99 value)
- 25 exclusive 'over the shoulder' tutorial videos ($79.99 value)
- 15 ready-made source code templates for you to use ($44.99 value)
- All the updates and bug fixes made for Alexia BASIC v1 ($59.99 value)

For a limited time, you can claim an Alexia BASIC v1 license at a 75% DISCOUNT from its total real world value. This special promotion may be terminated, modified, or extended at any time. Don't wait, claim your lifetime Alexia BASIC v1 license for the one-time low price of just $409.95 $99.

You're also protected by an unbelievably generous 60 day money back guarantee. If for any reason within 60 days of your purchase you decide that you don't want Alexia BASIC anymore, contact me for a complete refund. No games, no hassles, no bullsh*t.

Here's exactly what happens after you buy:

Go ahead and click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button below and claim your Alexia BASIC v1 license today, even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning. Remember, software never really needs to sleep. :-)

You can visit the download page for more details, but bare in mind that Alexia BASIC is primarily designed to work on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is delivered as a ZIP file that is quick and easy to extract.

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